ANELI3H (album)

Artists:Stereo Mike
Genres:Hip Hop
Released Date:2011

ANELI3H is Stereo Mike’s third studio album, the second one in his trilogy following XLi3h (2007). Released in 2011, it follows Mike’s leet title-convention (pronounced anélixi) and roughly translates into ‘progress’ or ‘advancement’. ANELI3H was the result of Stereo Mike retiring in his London studio for a few of years, after the relentless touring schedule that followed XLi3h. Mike toured extensively in Greece and Europe, and opened for international acts such as Busta Rhymes and De La Soul. The constant travel, shows, personal adventures and energy of this period are reflected in the record, which distills these experiences into a happier, often more electronic sound, nevertheless characterised by Mike’s sharp lyrical pen. Perhaps, Mike’s establishment as a successful hip-hop/crossover artist with XLi3h allows him to surf his underground roots here, as well as the club and pop worlds he effortlessly inhabits in his dual/stereo existence.

After a long period of concentration and dedicated work in London, the talented Stereo Mike returns with his new record “ANELI3H” to put things and mics back to their rightful place. Revitalised and with a modern, more electronic sound, the second part of his XLI3H-ANELI3H-KATALH3H trilogy is finally here and, with this, his return to the hits is given.

Mad TV

From Europe, to the world… and back to the ‘hood. This is how Stereo Mike welcomes us to his third studio album, “Aneli3h”. A piece of work that confirms that good things come to those who wait. Partly due to Mike’s perfectionism that reminds of Dr. Dre…

ANELI3H was released as an Enhanced CD album, containing the music video to single ‘Apla Zoi’ (Just Life), directed by Dimitris Sylvestros in 2011 – watch below:


It was followed by ‘Opou Me Pai I Mousiki’ (Wherever Music Takes Me), directed by Manos Kountouris & Konstantinos Sidiras in 2012, and shot in various London locations:


The final single from ANELI3H was ‘Akoma Edo’ (Still Here), directed by Manos Kountouris & Konstantinos Sidiras in 2014: