Stereo Mike is one of the most skilled and expressive hip-hop artists of the new generation … Stereo Mike’s speech is torrential and sweeping, while from a purely technical point of view his recordings stand as examples of modern production…

Stereo Mike is an award-winning rap artist (1st MTV Best Greek Act winner), who also holds a doctorate in hip-hop musicology. He has been nominated for multiple VMAs and an MTV Europe Music Award. Mike’s self-produced album, Xli3h, has been included in the 30 Best Greek hip-hop albums of all time and he is the first Greek artist to ever perform at South By Southwest festival. Mike’s studio career began as a sound engineer at Vault Recording Studios in London, where he worked with pioneering British hip-hop acts, including Klashnekoff, Bury Crew, Skinnyman and Taskforce. Under his Stereo Mike alias, he’s produced three critically-acclaimed solo albums, and numerous singles for international artists on labels such as EMI, Sony, Universal and Warner Music.

I’m not going to claim to understand Greek, but music is so much more than just words. Hip-hop in particular is about flow: the flow of the beat, the flow of the MC, and how they flow together. Stereo Mike’s brand of hip-hop is modern, but not obnoxious. The flow is strong. The production is clean. Nothing feels forced. Nevermind the words: Stereo Mike’s music makes you want to dance!


On the academic side, Mike has led programmes in recording, mixing, mastering and production at various UK institutions, designed the first university-level hip-hop production degree in the UK, and published extensively with Routledge, Bloomsbury Academic, and the journals of Popular Music, Popular Music Studies and Popular Music Education. He is now the Creative Director of RT60, a music innovation company specialising in intelligent apps (you can hear his sounds in the libraries of Songzap!)

(Mike’s) International reputation assured through his various MTV nominations – and most importantly his message – transcends musical boundaries; the hooks, melodies and arrangements are immense and cross sub-cultural divides with ease… His music is the message!

Alan Fisher (Cabaret Voltaire, Take That, Bjork, Boy George, Frankie Goes To Hollywood, 808 State)

Stereo Mike’s latest book-plus-album dual release combines his parallel passions into a large piece of work, pursuing Hip Hop’s sample-based aesthetic beyond licensing ultimata, and offering the international beat-making community a blueprint for creative freedom alongside hours of relentless beats.

Stereo Mike, is considered one of Greece’s best known all round musicians, a rear combination of musical talents. He’s a multi-instrumentalist, a lyricist, a fantastic rapper, and a successful music producer with international reputation. His work often carries a social message that translates into any language and his live performances are not to be missed. Watch out…

Mykaell Riley (Steel Pulse, Reggae Philharmonic Orchestra, China Black, Mark Morrison, East 17, Jamiroquai, Soul II Soul)