O Allos Babis / I Polis (single)

Label:Mo' Money Recording$ / Universal
Artists:Stereo Mike
Genres:Hip Hop
Released Date:2006

O Allos Babis / I Polis is Stereo Mike’s first double-single release in DualDisc format: the (CD) audio side features the original version of the singles, as they appear in album Satyroi Nomades, plus two remixes. The (DVD) video side features the music videos to the tracks, directed by Richard Penna (who is also responsible for the DualDisc artwork). The double-single marks the first ever DualDisc release of its kind in the Greek market, licensed by Universal Music as an import from UK labels Mo’ Money Recording$ / AMG Records.

In the track, O Allos Babis, Stereo Mike ‘s instrumental ability stands out (keyboards, violins and special effects are constantly alternating) and [we are presented with] the very interesting perception of a hip hopper through the concept persona of ‘Babis’. The DVD-side contains the already well-known, visually perfect, stylized and much-played video of ‘I Polis’, but what is even more interesting [here] is the visualisation of Babis, with apt personifications, visual extrapolations and an opaque style of directing.


The lyrical part tells us two stories. The first is about someone – apparently Mike’s age – who dared to mess with our rusty minds and paid the price of being young and impetuous. There is quite a lot of feeling, emotion and emotional charge in the stereo recitation of Michail Exarchos. And his perspective is very interesting: his look, his approach to an anti-hero and the effervescent rage that becomes sadness and sighing. The second one talks about his city that beats him every day, nourishes him but also kills him at the same time.

The musical part has all the hallmarks of such a hip-hop narrative: it’s teased, it’s sweet and brooding, it’s set up and programmed to act … moving the story along…

The visual part, now, is the sole responsibility of Richard Penna. Direction, photography, graphic design and effects best convey the gravity of Mike’s words. The production is very advanced for a Greek work and the overall effect leaves its mark on anyone with ears, eyes and a heart.