Satyroi Nomades (album)

Label:Mo' Money Recording$ / AMG Records
Artists:Stereo Mike
Genres:Hip Hop
Released Date:2006

Satyroi Nomades (pronounced sátiri nomádes and standing for Satirical Nomads) is Stereo Mike’s debut album, released in 2006. The album was met with critical acclaim and produced Mike’s first two singles, ‘O Allos Babis’ and ‘I Polis’, which received significant airplay on underground/pirate radio and earned Mike a dedicated audience embracing his conscious lyricism.

The journey leaves its mark on “Satyroi Nomades”, as the lyrics, music and rap presentation resonate from depths of experience and a variety of musical styles, while his recent career as an engineer in the UK scene – as Mike X – is clearly responsible for the original but also groundbreaking hip-hop sound on this record!

…A voice which is satirical (‘I Polis’) but also angry (‘Vendetta’), with texts of political content (‘Afti Tin Kiriaki’) but also doses of humour (‘Movie Star’), a nomadic ideology (‘Satyroi Nomades/Theoria Sinomosias’) but also [one that is] socially responsible (‘Psychofthoria’). All of the above convince that [S]tereo Mike has the ability to combine harsh criticism (‘Kapote’) with comic narratives (‘Horepse’) and self-mockery (‘S.T.E.R.E.O.M.I.K.E.’) with didactic stories (‘O Allos Babis’).

Finally, the album is rounded off with great features from his close collaborations with: MCs Teknikal & Nyanjah, Dimitrios on vocal improvisations, RnB diva and activist Laverne, scratching master DJ Ebola and Guigz Art on electric guitars, each with their own distinct talent adding to what is already a work of art.

Satyroi Nomades is a creative space where sounds, lyrics and life experiences merge under a title that is also an ideal, doubling as both life stance and artistic process.